Speech of Aristophanes- Porcelain Rose Sculpture


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Product Description

A soulmate isn’t someone with certain attractive qualities, but a being of similar character that resembles our long lost better half. Such is the core idea of Aristophanes’ myth in Plato’s Symposium, one of the original explorations of multifaceted love in Western culture.

Our Speech of Aristophanes rose sculpture is a novel interpretation of this classic tale and the significance of love, presented in a physical and natural form. This piece is entirely handcrafted in premium porcelain and the base is adorned with the highest quality Ecuadorian AMARA Roses in three different sizes. This product is one-of-a-kind, produced in very limited quantities, and truly showcases the peak of preserved luxury floral decor.

Product Details

-With display box: 13.4*9.4*14 inches
-Without display box: 11.6*7.7*12.8 inches

Sculpture: Porcelain

Flowers: Red Ecuadorian AMARA Roses- 1 Jumbo, 9 Large, 5 Small

Display Box: Acrylic

Please note that due to the nature of the materials used, each AMARA PREMA piece will be unique with slight variations. Every sculpture is entirely handcrafted, exhibiting a completely distinct set of attributes.

Product Care

AMARA Florals require minimal care while adhering to the following general guidelines:

- Do not water the flowers

- Avoid exposing the product to moisture and humidity

- Avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight and high temperatures

- Transport with care as the product is delicate

- If dust accumulates on the flowers after a few months remove it lightly using a duster

While it is ok to wipe the surfaces of our floral vessels with a bit of water, please do not expose the vessel to large amounts of water or other liquids and take care to avoid scratching. Furthermore, please try to place our pieces out of reach of any pets, as your furry friends could very easily damage the flowers as well as the vessel.

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