Elevate Your Interior With A Touch of nature

Everlasting Floral Centerpieces

Go Beyond Conventional Flowers With Preserved Fresh Roses Lasting Up To 3 Years In Handcrafted Vessels

Try Before You Buy- Experience the Beauty and Craftsmanship of Our Rose Homeware In Your Own Space

The Only Forever Rose Boxes Made From Real Stone and Wood- Truly Bringing a Touch of Nature Into Any Interior

I was interested in preserved roses and after learning that Amara Prema uses stone and wood for their boxes I was sold! The final product managed to exceed my expectations and the texture of their stone slate boxes are really amazing!
— Julia E.
After working with many floral decor accessories throughout my interior design career, Amara Prema delivers a more luxurious and artistically designed product compared to the rest.
— Chiara S.
I have bought preserved roses from different brands for several years now, and I must say Amara Prema's products feel more luxurious and are easier to display. Their boxes are much nicer than the standard cardboard options and they don't use obtrusive logos.
— Angela Y.
Amara Prema’s products are beautifully made and in just a few months I have saved hundreds with their rose matrix instead of buying regular roses.
— Patricia M.

Defining Luxury Floral Homeware

Our exquisite infinity rose centerpieces merge the finest preserved roses with elegantly handcrafted vessels that elevate any interior.

AMARA Florals

Each of our pieces showcases AMARA Florals, exceptionally preserved flowers that are real and fresh, yet able to last for up to three years under appropriate conditions. Our floral team continuously sources the finest flowers globally, picking them at their peak and applying a special preservation methodology that ensures an everlasting bloom. These flowers are accentuated with uniquely designed vessels to form truly one-of-a-kind floral accessory pieces that emanate a vital pulse.

Crafting Earth’s Gifts

The Pāsāna Collection is an artistic confluence of three pieces of nature: a rose centerpiece, a wooden vessel and a stone facade.

To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "roses are perfect in every moment of their existence”, and our objective is to showcase this timeless perfection.




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