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AMARA PREMA, an ancient Sanskrit phrase expressing “undying love”, is an artisanal floral homeware label founded by a team of artists, florists and entrepreneurs with a shared vision for integrating facets of nature into man-made settings. Our brand specializes in creating experimental and lasting floral designs that elevate their surroundings. Each piece showcases AMARA Florals, exceptionally preserved flowers that are real and fresh, yet able to last for up to three years under appropriate conditions.

How is AMARA PREMA unique among sellers of preserved floral arrangements?

AMARA PREMA’s design philosophy centers heavily on utilizing nature’s elements and bringing them into interior spaces, which goes far beyond merely arranging preserved roses and other florals in a standard container. Every AMARA PREMA piece originates from our core concepts: seek, break, and cycle. These concepts are expanded into collections, within which each piece is designed holistically, with the flowers and vessel forming a complete home decor centerpiece. In this process, we select the highest quality preserved florals available, and arrange them in an entirely handcrafted  vessel that befits these precious flowers.

What are AMARA PREMA’s future plans?

AMARA PREMA is entirely focused on our mission of creating the most premium and distinctive floral homeware products that will truly shine for our valued clients. Our immediate goals include expanding The Pāsāna Collection and building out new collections with an incredible array of designs, several of which are already in prototyping and production phases. We are extremely excited about the future, and cannot wait to share it with you via our social media accounts and newsletter. Stay tuned! 

Are custom orders accepted?

We are always happy to create custom pieces at our clients’ behest and encourage you to reach out if you are interested in doing so! However, please note that due to the nature of our products, there will be an extended delivery period and associated costs with custom orders. Please contact us at info@amaraprema.com or via Instagram for details.

AMARA Florals

What are AMARA Florals and how are they special?

AMARA Florals are premium fresh flowers picked at their peak bloom, which then undergo a proprietary preservation process that allows them to maintain their freshness and beauty for multiple years. These flowers are completely different from dried or fake flowers in that they retain the texture and appearance of fresh flowers while continuously blooming radiantly without the need for watering or nutrients. AMARA Florals are the perfect choice for long-lasting floral decor, and are also much more environmentally sustainable than fresh flowers.

What types of flowers can be preserved?

There are a wide range of different flowers that can be preserved, although roses remain by far the most popular choice in the United States and globally. The Pāsāna Collection is designed for the rose, and we will be featuring a multitude of preserved florals in later collections.

How long do AMARA Florals last?

Generally speaking, AMARA Florals will last between 1-3 years, depending on factors such as floral type, preservation method and the external environment. After a certain duration, the flowers may begin to lose a bit of color, but are still perfectly presentable, and many people have kept their preserved florals well beyond three years. At AMARA PREMA, we only choose the highest quality preserved florals that are made to last and we encourage you to follow the general caring guidelines below to ensure your preserved flowers bloom as long as possible.

What are the product care guidelines for AMARA PREMA pieces?

AMARA Florals require minimal care while adhering to the following general guidelines:

- Do not water the flowers

- Avoid exposing the product to moisture and humidity

- Avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight and high temperatures

- Transport with care as the product is delicate

- If dust accumulates on the flowers after a few months remove it lightly using a duster

While it is ok to wipe the surfaces of our floral vessels with a bit of water, please do not expose the vessel to large amounts of water or other liquids and take care to avoid scratching. Furthermore, please try to place our pieces out of reach of any pets, as your furry friends could very easily damage the flowers as well as the vessel.

Are AMARA Florals toxic or harmful in any way?

AMARA PREMA’s preserved flowers are not toxic or harmful to human health in any way. The main ingredient used to preserve flowers is glycerin, which occurs naturally in plants and is used as an artificial sweetener in food products. Please note that certain flower and plant species could be harmful to pets (this has no relation to whether the flower is preserved), although roses and most popular preserved flowers are 100% safe.


How are AMARA PREMA’s floral vessels designed and crafted?

AMARA PREMA was founded with a vision for integrating facets of nature into man-made settings, creating experimental and lasting floral designs that elevate their surroundings. In order to achieve our desired product, we firmly believed that not only did we have to pick the most exceptional roses, but also present them in a vessel distinctive to our brand ideals. As such, we explore and meticulously experiment with a breadth of natural materials in order to craft a vessel that suitably accentuates the flowers.

What is the natural stone slate used on the vessels?

Our slate slabs are cut from real stone veneers made from German technology. It consists of specially-processed, ultra-thin stone layers that are light and versatile, preserving the authentic colors and textures of stone while allowing for innovative design work. Real stone slate is primarily used in furnishing design and we are the first brand to use this novel material for crafting homeware pieces.

How is each individual piece unique?

Each AMARA PREMA piece is unique with slight variations due to the materials used. Naturally, no two flowers are identical and individual slabs of stone slate and hardwood will also possess their own patterns. Each piece is entirely handcrafted, exhibiting a completely distinct set of attributes.

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

What is the shipping policy?

We use all major carriers and local courier partners. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout. Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information.

Do you offer free shipping?

As part of the holiday season, we are offering free shipping in the United States until Valentine’s Day 2024.

Do you ship internationally?

AMARA PREMA is able to ship around the world, and shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and shipping method.

What is AMARA PREMA’s return and exchange policy?

We offer free 7 day unconditional returns, please contact us at support@amaraprema.com and we will assist you.

What happens if a customer receives a damaged product or a product with substandard quality?

We will always hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of product quality. If you receive a damaged product or a product with any clear defect, please contact us at support@amaraprema.com within 48 hours and we will solve the issue for you ASAP. 

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