Brand Vision

We are All Radiant Specks In The Everlasting Cycle of Love


AMARA PREMA, an ancient Sanskrit phrase expressing “undying love”, is an artisanal floral homeware label dedicated to crafting Earth’s gifts. Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of our world, the AMARA PREMA brand is an ode to times bygone, when human ingenuity forged natural elements into objects of elegance and grandeur; when civilization interwoven freely with wilderness; when flowers weren’t merely gifts, but a seamless feature of life.



AMARA PREMA was founded by an eclectic and international team of artists, florists and entrepreneurs with a shared vision for integrating facets of nature into man-made settings, creating experimental and lasting floral designs that elevate their surroundings.

Design Philosophy

The Pāsāna Collection-meaning stone in Sanskrit- is an artistic confluence joining three pieces of nature: a rose centerpiece, a wooden vessel, as well as a stone facade. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "roses are perfect in every moment of their existence”, and our objective is to showcase this timeless perfection by crafting a vessel befitting our brand ideals that truly accentuates the glamor of the flowers. This collection was ultimately conceived through such a vision.


Design Process

The centerpiece consists of our highest quality preserved AMARA Roses in their most radiant form- an everlasting expression of love and beauty. After exploring and meticulously experimenting with a breadth of natural materials, we finalized our design featuring real stone veneers adorning hardwood. The entire product is handcrafted, with skilled artisans making a vessel from Okoume wood, then wrapping it in German slate, a specially-processed, ultra-thin stone layer that is light and versatile, preserving the authentic colors and textures of stone while allowing for innovative design work.  

Centerpiece Arrangements

The Pāsāna Collection debuts with two curated arrangements: our Rose Matrix is an expertly arranged 5x5 square grid while the Rose Podium features one jumbo rose supported by twelve smaller roses, inspired from the lotus throne in Buddhism. Every piece is completely handmade down to the last details, and they are unique with individual variations- as is every flower in our world.


AMARA PREMA is founded on the core ideal of immersing ourselves with nature and environmental sustainability is a crucial factor influencing everything we do. Innately, preserved florals are much more sustainable than fresh flowers, especially in the field of interior decor, where fresh flowers need to be exchanged on a regular basis. Preserved flowers, which can last up to several years without watering, result in considerably less energy consumption and reduces the carbon footprint of the entire floral supply chain significantly while generating much less waste ( in addition to cost savings for the end consumer). Furthermore, we are committed to sourcing all of our materials in a sustainable and ethical manner. As an example, the slate technology at the core of our Pāsāna Collection reduces the carbon footprint of transporting stone by up to 95% due to its light weight and extraction process.