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5 Star Customer Reviews
5 Star Customer Reviews
Amara Prema’s products are beautifully made and in just a few months I have saved hundreds with their rose matrix instead of buying regular roses. 
— Patricia M.
Verified Buyer
5 Star Customer Reviews
After working with many floral decor accessories throughout my interior design career, Amara Prema delivers a more luxurious and artistically designed product compared to the rest.
— Chiara S.
Verified Buyer
5 Star Customer Reviews
I was interested in preserved roses and after learning that Amara Prema uses stone and wood for their vessels I was sold! My piece looks much more sophisticated than the cardboard boxes other companies use. 
— Julia B.
Verified Buyer

Amara Prema vs. Other Preserved Flowers

Amara Prema

    • Luxurious Stone and Wood Vessel
    • No Obtrusive Logos
    • Suits Any Interior
    • Competitive Pricing and High-End Materials
    • Zero Risk- Try Before You Buy

Other Preserved Flowers

    • Boxes Made from Cardboard
    • Heavily Branded and Visible Logos
    • Overbearing and Intrusive
    • Expensive Prices and Lesser Quality Materials
    • No Returns and No Refunds

Each forever rose box is an artistic confluence of three elements in nature: a rose arrangement, a wooden vessel and a stone facade- meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans.


Okoume Wood

Natural Stone Slate

Our infinity rose boxes are minimalistically designed
centerpieces that can elevate any interior space.
We offer guaranteed satisfaction with our unique Try Before You Buy program!

The Amara Prema Advantage

AMARA Roses– preserved fresh roses that are 100% real and last up to three years

Minimalistically designed centerpiece–luxurious and versatile display in any interior

Free custom gift messages– send a personalized note

Try Before You Buy- enjoy a free experience period and complimentary shipping before making a purchase


What are Amara Roses?

Amara Roses are premium fresh roses picked at their peak bloom, which then undergo a proprietary preservation process that allows them to maintain their freshness and beauty for multiple years. These flowers are completely different from dried or fake flowers in that they retain the texture and appearance of fresh flowers while continuously blooming radiantly without the need for watering or nutrients. Amara Roses are the perfect choice for long-lasting floral decor and are also much more environmentally sustainable than fresh flowers.

Are Amara Roses Real?

Yes, Amara Roses are preserved fresh roses that are 100% real and last up to three years.

Do Amara Roses Last Three Years?

Amara Roses will normally last between 1-3 years and sometimes much longer! We only choose the highest quality preserved roses and we encourage you to follow our product care guidelines to ensure your preserved flowers bloom as long as possible.

How Do I Care for My Amara Roses?

Amara Roses require minimal care while adhering to the following product care guidelines:

- Do not water the flowers

- Avoid exposing the product to moisture and humidity

- Avoid exposing the flowers to direct sunlight and high temperatures

- Transport with care as the product is delicate

- If dust accumulates on the flowers after a few months remove it lightly using a duster

While it is ok to wipe the surfaces of our floral vessels with a bit of water, please do not expose the vessel to large amounts of water or other liquids and take care to avoid scratching. Furthermore, please try to place our pieces out of reach of any pets, as your furry friends could very easily damage the flowers as well as the vessel.

Do you offer Free Returns?

Yes, we offer free 7 day unconditional returns, please contact us at support@amaraprema.com and we will assist you.

What about Free Shipping?

Yes, as part of the holiday season, we are offering free shipping in the United States until Valentine’s Day 2024.