We are often asked about our signature AMARA Roses - what makes them so special and long-lasting compared to regular cut roses. AMARA Roses are preserved fresh florals, which have become a popular home decor item due to their ability to not only display the same radiance and vigor of a bouquet of roses, but also retain this beauty for up to three years (and sometimes even longer). This article will delve into the intricate preservation process required for making these unique flowers.


Fresh roses in peak bloom are carefully selected from premium rose gardens globally and only the highest quality flowers make the cut. From there, they undergo a multi-step process to suspend them in a state of lasting bloom. Firstly, the fresh roses are dehydrated slowly and precisely over 1-2 weeks to remove moisture while retaining their vibrant color and delicate petal texture. At the same time, they absorb preserving solutions like glycerin and sugar which infiltrate the cells and prevent further drying. During this period, the flowers are also fixed with natural resins and polymers. This bonds the pigments and cellular structure in place so they maintain their just-picked appearance even as dried flowers. It's a complex process that manages to halt natural deterioration.


Once fully dehydrated and stabilized, our artisans then reintroduce controlled amounts of water back into the roses. This final step revitalizes them slightly without encouraging new growth. Now frozen in a state of eternal bloom, they have successfully been transformed into AMARA Roses-exquisite flowers which we then accentuate with uniquely designed vessels to form truly one-of-a-kind floral accessory pieces that emanate a vital pulse.